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My weight loss and mood supplements.

Two weeks ago I started using doTerra essential oils as part of my daily routine. incorporating them into my diet was simple. I would add a drop of the specific oils to water and consume it throughout the day.

After discussing with Tracy what she thought would be best to suit my requirements I decided that I would purchase Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Slim and Sassy (this is now called Smart and Sassy). As I have a history of low mood and a diagnosis of depression, I wanted to find a natural way to lift my mood. Tracy recommended that I try the Wild Orange supplement. I simply add 1 drop to 800ml of water. The flavour is quite palatable, if a little 'peely'. However I found this to be quite refreshing. My mood since ingesting Wild Orange seems to remain stable without the high/low swings that I had become accustomed to over the years.

I also explained to Tracy that I was unhappy with my weight gain since stopping smoking 6 months ago. This is the magic part!!!! Tracy introduced me to the Slim and Sassy blend and the Grapefruit oil. Medical conditions have left me with an underactive Thyroid Gland and I can quite often feel exhausted but have the inability to sleep, my metabolic rate has decreased and as a result I do not efficiently use the calories I consume to create energy, therefore I feel lethargic. Lethargy, combined with poor calorific expenditure INCREASES weight gain which also had an impact on my mood. This coupled with stopping smoking and an increase in food cravings also resulted in INCREASED weight gain- this also impacted on my mood. Can you see the cycle developing? Not anymore! Grapefruit essential oil is a natural appetite suppressant! So, this coupled with the will power of stopping smoking reduced my appetite, enough to have a noticeable weight loss in just 2 weeks. The Slim and Sassy essential oils blend increases metabolism, energy, reduces fatigue, exhaustion and as a result has improved my sleep and as a result has assisted in my weight loss. You guessed it, this all impacted on my mood, I FEEL GREAT!

you would really have to ask Tracy how the oils and blends work, all I can confirm is that they definitely do work. They also taste fabulous and smell absolutely amazing! another added benefit is that I am also drinking a lot more water and anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I do not hydrate myself properly, so I suppose my health will also be getting a kick start in 2018 too.

Thank you Tracy, your help, advice and guidance has really helped me and has changed the views, beliefs and opinions a cynic xxxxx.

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