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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that comes from ancient Tibet. It uses energy known as "Chi" which you may have heard of.


Reiki is about moving into a state of balance on all levels. This balance may involve the resolution of some health problems, changes in beliefs and attitudes, making decisions that have been put off or ignored and realisation of ones true values and priorities in life.

Reiki is about change, change for the better and discovering what is right for you. The effects are cumulative but can be experienced after a single session.

Reiki treatments usually last for a period of one hour (including consultation and aftercare) and does not involve the removal of any clothing other than shoes and restrictive garments such as belts and does not require  physical touch from the practitioner throughout the session.

Full treatment plans are available that are tailored to specifically meet the need of the individual. Further  information is available on request.

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