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Indian Head Massage

Wow!  It would seem, that indeed an Indian Head Massage, done well, is a one stop shop to cure all the psychological ills that come from living a typical 21st century lifestyle.  Along with all the stresses to body, mind and soul that come with it.  And that’s a pretty tall order.

An Indian Head Massage carries all the physiological effects of a massage but also has some unique effects all its own.

So, here we go…

Immediate relief of stiffness, tension and pain, both chronic and acute, in the muscles and joints through relaxation of the muscles, and the breaking down of fibrous adhesions or knots.  It relieves TMJ tension and postural misalignment caused by the tension we carry in our shoulders and neck through sitting, driving, slouching, and being on computers and mobile phones for long periods of time.

Indian Head Massage is beneficial to those who suffer with eyestrain, headaches, migraine and earache, and alleviates Eustachian tube blockages, Sinus congestion pressure and even tinnitus.    

By stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System, an increase in the lymphatic drainage, and glandular activity, helps the body to eliminate toxins and accumulated metabolic waste, and creates a stronger, faster, leaner body, which in turn boosts the immune responses and decreases inflammation within the tissues.   

There is improved circulation, particularly to the head, scalp, hair, neck and shoulders, and therefore increased delivery of oxygen around the body and the all-important brain.  Also, there is increased circulation in the cerebral spinal fluid.  This in turn increases levels of alertness, boosting memory and concentration with clear perspective and thinking.  This in turn allows for a more creative thought process and more productivity. Apparently big business and industry value the latter very highly?  It also delivers oxygen to muscles which increases athletic ability and recovery after exercise, or injury.  Increased secretion of hormones and enzymes can also have a beneficial effect on hair growth.

Revitalises and lifts the mood through the release of endorphins, helping deal with emotional trauma and mental stress.  An Indian Head Massage releases anxiety and feelings associated with depression, despondency and desperation by lifting the spirit and helping gain perspective.  It induces a state of calm, peace and tranquillity – Zen.

The deep relaxation that can be achieved, along with the clarity of mind, and the alleviation of anxieties, allow for much improved sleep patterns and helps with insomnia.

There is both a soothing and stimulating effect on the sensory nerve endings on the skin and this can help to loosen tension in the scalp, loosen scar tissue, and help with skin disorders, along with increased transit of metabolic waste and oxygen.

On a more psychological level, having an Indian Head Massage has a deeply rejuvenating effect on mind and body and leads to feelings of well being and of having been healed. It balances and realigns the chakra energy and releases the stagnant energies which are no longer beneficial to the body, (or mind), stimulating energetic spiritual healing including spiritual awareness and a feeling of peace and calm.  That ‘Zen’ effect again!  In-fact this balancing allows the natural flow of energies to return and the energetic boost experienced from having an Indian Head Massage enhances self esteem and promotes a positive body image and self-awareness.

And it just feels so good.  The irony is the an Indian ‘Head’ Massage is so much more than just the head.  The fact that it allows the recipient to ‘get out of their head’ for the duration and experience the moment is just awesome.  Love it ...

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